Equine Etheric Field Therapy

An Online Program for Healers, Body Workers and Horse Lovers, who want to learn to make the energy in the Horse's Etheric Field vibrant and clear.

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In the online program Equine Etheric Field Therapy you'll learn to...

  • Connect with your horse's energy.
  • Clear your horse's aura or Etheric field using three different techniques.
  • You will learn to feel the different energies of your Horse's Tantiens, blockages and holes.
  • You will learn how to pull and push energy with your hands and with your fingertips.
  • You will learn how to pull out blockages.
  • You will learn how to clear yourself after your practice.
  • You'll learn Chi Sensitivity exercises that will help you to become more sensitive to energy.
  • You'll learn breathing exercises that will help to open and develop your energy.
  • You'll learn interactive exercises to practice with your horse that will help clear the energy in his Etheric Field.
  • You'll learn to clear the Etheric Field outside the body and how to move energy in it, inside the body.
  • You'll learn about your Energy Anatomy and how you're connected inside through your energy system.

Hi I'm Jenny Pim!

I'm a Certified Tai Chi Instructor registered with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. I'm a Certified Riding Coach Registered with Horse Sport Ireland. I'm the founder and creator of Equestrian Tai Chi® and Chi Connected Riding™

It is my passion to bring what I know from the Taoist Arts to help us help the horse to have a more clear and balanced energy field, making him feel more secure, confident and comfortable in himself.

Equine Etheric Field Therapy is a course I developed for Healers, Body Workers, and Horse Lovers, to learn how to develop their own energy and to clear the energy in the horse's Etheric Field.

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