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Hi I'm Jenny

Jenny Pim, September 29, 2018

I think most riders want to deepen their harmony and connection with their horse when they ride. 

Horses are highly sensitive energetic beings, they’re masters at reading energy. 

Energy is the language horses communicate and connect through, but the problem is, that we're not able to connect with them at this level, neither are we aware of just how much we affect the horse, and how aware he is of us in every tiny little way.

This is not our fault as we come from a culture that doesn't regard being trained in energy as being important, but somehow we sense that our partnership is missing something, yet we can't quite figure out what it is.

I realised that there were five main areas that Equestrian Tai Chi could help the horse and rider partnership, so that connection between the horse and rider could be on a deeper, more energetic level, where communication is more subtle and less is needed.

And these are;-

It brings the horse's energy back to balance, making the horse feel safer and more coherent inside.

It makes the rider's energy very smooth and very easy for the horse to be with, drawing the horse more to want to be with the rider.

It makes the rider's body a very easy body for energy to flow through increasing the dynamic interactive energetic connection we have with our horse when we ride. 

Through the internal energy work of Equestrian Tai Chi we learn to feel our Chi flow inside us in harmony with the movement of our horse.

And we learn to give subtle energetic aids that our horse can easily understand.

Horse's are just so intuitive to our energy and when we can awaken our energy, we can access a deeper dimension inside ourselves that the horse is already able to connect with in us, even if we are not aware of it ourselves. 

I knew that so much possibility existed in the horse and rider partnership, that we are not realising, and it's a pity for the horses, as it's us that needs to develop our ability to be more equal to them!

I developed a way of teaching riders through Equestrian Tai Chi and it's Internal Energy work, that can open and develop the rider's energy, while at the same time calming and balancing the horse's energy and deepening the partnership between the horse and rider.

If you're interested in learning more please click to get my Free PDF Article 'The 5 Keys that make Equestrian Tai Chi a Transformational Practice for both You and Your horse, that will Literally Elevate Your Riding Experience to a Different Level'!

Most people in the West are unaware of how they are energetic beings, and how it is possible to train to develop this aspect of themselves...

But it is possible for you to learn to open and develop your energy, so you can learn how to feel your Chi flow in harmony with your horse's movement and so you can to connect to a deeper energetic space inside you, where you can give aids from that your horse can easily understand!

This is a way of being with our horse that he is already willing and able to connect with us at and with training we can get there too!

The 5 Keys that make Equestrian Tai Chi a Transformational Practice, for both you and your horse, that will Literally Elevate your Riding Experience to a Different Level!

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Click Here To Get the Free Article about Equestrian Tai Chi!
The 5 Keys that make Equestrian Tai Chi a Transformational Practice for both you and your horse, that will Literally elevate your riding experience to a different level!